Just a little something about me.

Hi, I am Faraz and this is my tiny little corner on the internet. I am originally from Mumbai, India but these days you can find me traveling the world and trying to be in a new city every month. It doesn't always go according to plan but that's the goal.

I work full-time at Daycation. I help build and maintain the front-end for both our web apps and also our iOS app. In my free time, I enjoy building side-projects, you can read all about them here.

When I am not writing code, I am more often than not obsessing over my fantasy football team, figuring out what to eat for my next meal (mostly whether it should be something nice or something healthy) or figuring out what attraction to visit in the city I just arrived in.

Recently, I've also been trying to cook more often, mostly because I love food but also because creating things has always fascinated me. Come to think of it, that's probably why I love writing code so much. I actually learned how to code at a coding bootcamp. Perhaps that's how I should get better at cooking too? Do cooking bootcamps exist? Are they any good? Hit me up if you've been to or heard of any!

Reaching Out

The best place to find me and have a conversation would probably be Twitter but it'd be cool if you followed me on Instagram as well!

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