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I love coffee. My go-to drink is probably a nice floral v60. If I do go for a second cup, I often pull my Aeropress out and either go for a hot flat white or an iced latte.

✨ I hope I can eventually upgrade the faux espressos from the Aeropress to some beautiful shots pulled from the Linea Micra. ✨


Recently, I switched to the 1-cup V60 recipe that Hoffman put out. It seems to work great for the flavor profiles I enjoy.

If feel like having an iced v60 instead, I up the dose to 20g of coffee along with 50g of ice and 300g (+50) of water instead.


Whether I am doing the latte or at flat white, my technique is same. I just use a larger amount of coffee when opting for the iced latte.

1. I start of with an inverted Aeropress (yep) with 20g of coffee.

2. Next, I add 50g of water and stir horizontally and vertically. I go more for texture than timing at this stage.

3. Finally, I add another 100g of water, cap the Aeropress and let it sit for 1 minute.

4. Invert + gently push and you have a nice and clean shot ready to go.

🎁 Bonus

Aeroprecipe is a great website to find some fun Aeropress recipes. Maybe you’ll end up liking something you never even thought you’d try! ^_^

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