On My Computer

Technology Mar 19, 2020

In this post, I'll go over everything useful I have on my computer. The idea is to update this over time and hope someone else (or future me) finds it useful. So let's get right to it.

  • Brave Browser - I moved to Brave yesterday and I already love it. You don't need a separate ad-blocker and it automatically blocks a bunch of trackers. It's definitely consuming lesser battery than Chrome does and it seems to be a lot faster as well.
  • Hyper - My preferred terminal. I moved to Hyper from iTerm2 mostly because Hyper was prettier but I stayed because it's super simple and very customizable.
  • VSCode - Every line of code I've written over the last two years has been written in VSCode. The extension ecosystem is so good, I haven't even wanted to try anything else.
  • Todoist - Todoist is my preferred to-do list app. I've tried so many other options but I keep coming back to it. I recently upgraded to premium and I couldn't be happier.
  • BetterTouchTool - My replacement for the MacOS Touchbar. Again, super customizable and very easy to get started with and set up. I use the GoldenChaos preset.
  • CloudApp - I use CloudApp to manage my screenshots. It has its own hotkey to take them and immediately copies a link to your clipboard for you to share with others. You can even pre-select a project and have your screenshots organized accordingly.
  • Spectacle - I use SpectacleApp for simple window management. It has a bunch of hotkeys that you can use to position windows the way you want. Unfortunately though, it isn't being maintained anymore so people are moving to Rectangle. I haven't done so yet but I think I will soon.
  • Rocket - Emojis! Everyone loves them. Rocket allows me to use them anywhere and everywhere I want with the same set of shortcuts. You can set a hotkey to trigger Rocket and also stop it from popping up in certain apps. 🚀(I used Rocket to do that).
  • Alfred - Spotlight replacement. Faster, more customizable and you can set up some really cool workflows.

Faraz Patankar

Hi! This is my website. The design looks better with the bio so I am adding it here. You can visit the about page to learn more about me!

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