Does everyone have a go-to stack? I feel like everyone should have a go-to stack whenever they're starting a new project. Unless of course, you're learning something new, in that case, go wild.

Listed below is the stack I'd go with if I were starting a new project today.


Do I sometimes feel like I don't really get it? Is it sometimes a pain? Does it sometimes make you wonder why you even chose to code for a living?

Yes! But, it more than makes up for it when it stops you from shipping broken code to production. So so so many times, I've confidently written a commit message only for the linter to stop me from bringing the entire website down.

I absolutely adore TypeScript and while I am not proud of it, I've become the person who starts a TS project simply to run a couple of lines of code as opposed to going with JS.


  • NextJS: I just love React and NextJS just gives you so much out of the box that I've never really had to look elsewhere.
  • TailwindCSS: I feel like there's no middle ground when it comes to Tailwind. At least if you're on Twitter. I am very much in the loving it camp and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.
  • Backend

  • NextJS: Hey, that was what your frontend was! Yes, but this is one of the benefits of NextJS. The API routes make it real easy to build an API for your application.
  • GraphQL: Rest is fine, it really is. But, I just prefer GraphQL these days mostly because of the type-safety across the board and the fact that I don't have to write API endpoints.
  • Database

  • PostgreSQL: It's great! (yep, that's all)
  • Prisma: Without a doubt, the best ORM I've ever used. Makes it so easy to write queries that I've never really looked elsewhere ever since I started using it.
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