I love building side projects. They're great for a bunch of reasons. Want to learn a new programming language? Build a side project. Want to try a new platform to deploy your app to? Build a side project. Want to try this shiny new CSS framework? Yes, you guessed it. Build a side project!

I've built several of these over the past year or so. The domains have expired on some of them so they aren't online anymore but thanks to services like Netlify, most of my new ones are still up and will probably always be. So without further ado, let's take a look at them!

Long term visas

ltv@2x.pngLong term visas is a platform that aims to help people immigrate/relocate to a new country. Users can browse all these visas, see the requirements, comment to ask questions, and also join the community to interact with like-minded individuals.


fin.pngFin is a clean and minimal habit-tracking app that let's you customize, track and analyze your habits. I built it out of frustration (and being stuck in quarantine) when I couldn't find a good habit-tracking apps on Android.


sh-resized.pngSuperiorHuman is a chrome extension I built over a weekend. It helps you browse your history, tabs, bookmarks and downloads in a manner similar to the Spotlight search on a Mac. The name is a bit of a wordplay on the very popular email client called SuperHuman.


ti-tiny.pngThe idea behind Try Indigo is simple. It is a platform which tells you what kind of visa you need to visit a particular country based on what passport you have. It has a couple of cool features like adding your second passport (if you have one) or your partner's passport to see where the two you can go without a visa. You can also filter by the weather and/or your monthly budget.

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